Yellow Hairy Monster
Yellow Hairy Monster
Health 55
Defense 8
Speed 1.9
Experience 9xp
Worth $3
Height 3 feet
Power 11
Yellow Hairy Monster

Yellow Hairy Monsters are one of the most hated creatures in the world. Many people hate them because of their angry look and because they are a nuisance. They eat whatever is edible which is many things, as they are the "clean-up crew" of all the monsters in Helmet Heroes which include other creatures, people's clothes, and even infant humans if left unattended. Although they lurk on the outskirts of Fairyville, Yellow Hairy Monsters are anything but friendly.




  • The last line in the 'Hero-pedia' entry for this monster calls it a 'Yellow Hair Monster.' which may be because there wasn't enough room in the Hero-Pedia or just a typo

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