Wrangler Helmet
Wrangler Helmet
Required Level 485
Defense 250
Artillery +125
Sold By Jenkins
Shop Price Coin 18,000,000
Items Needed • 1 Mushroom Coy
• 4 Flipper
• 3 Spud
Sell for Coin 6,300,000

A powerful Helmet with Spikes. The cowboy hat is hard, and made of pure alloy.

Crafting Recipe

Wrangler Helmet
Wrangler Helmet
Crafting cost: 18,000,000Coin
Mushroom Coy Mushroom Coy x1
Flipper Flipper x4
Spud Spud x3
Shiny Furry Feen Shiny Furry Feen x1
Maple Wood Maple Wood x3

Dropped By