(#18) Windmill Top
File:Windmill Top.png
Enemies Orange Crazy
NPCs Gordon
Fish No Fish
Stage Guide
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(#19) Barren Flatts


In this area of the Helmet Heroes Universe, there are many windmills, possibly providing electricity to the cities and outskirts that make up Helmet Heroes. The area is arid, though sunflowers grow here and an avid farmer plans on starting a Watermelon farm. The player will encounter a new enemy here, the Orange Crazy. These enemies trot around with gaping mouths known for eating Green Bouncers and Mushroom Squish monsters whole.


Gordon tasks the player with the mission "Get Gordon Watermelon" in which he wants 6 Watermelons.


File:Windmill Top Map.png
  1. Lollipop Flatts
  2. Barren Flatts

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