This Guild was originally created by ThortaG whose passion to continue playing the game no longer exists, on opposite to her legacy which will always reign the world of Helmet Heroes!


There is but three rules:

  1. You must be active and friendly. (Theoretically, this means there's a minimum level to join, 1!).
  2. You must be able to speak English
  3. You must have fun!


If you ever find me online, don't hesitate to ask for boosting. In rare occasions, the leader will have to deny the request due to personal matters, please be patient if that happens as he'll make sure to accept your request after finishing up his business.

Note: If you want boosting from people other than the leader, please ask our members to do so, nobody is forced to boost or get boosted by anyone in most cases.

Resale:The following is the list of volunteer Resalers to our guild:

  1. mosted


We are, but are not limited to, Kongregate players. Your level, and stats won't have the slightest impact on your chances to join. That being said, we mostly invite players to the guild instead and never accept members who randomly apply in-game.

To apply use the following form in the Valkyries forum thread: In-game name: About you: (Tell us a bit about your affiliations, previous guilds, friends, in-game status and things you think we need to know) If we like your stuff, you most likely will make it in. However, there probably will be some debates between our members before final decisions will be made.

After having become a Valkyrie


The ranking system consists of the Leader, first (Otherwise known as the Vice Leader) and second mates, and several different tasked members Keep in mind that the leader, first and second mates are slight jumps above regular members, and in no way will get special treatment.

Hall of Shame

Betrayal begets blood, we understand we aren't perfect (far from it, actually) and that we can't suffice everybody's needs. That being said, if you have joined our guild strictly for your financial needs and will leave once you've taken advantage, you won't exactly enjoy the consequences.

Members List

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