This is a list of what needs to be done on the wiki. Add and remove items if something crops up or if an entry on the list is fixed.

General To-Do List

  • Update Patches
  • Update Monsters
    • Update/Verify Drop Lists
  • Update Item pages' Dropped By section for monsters
  • Crafting
    • Chainsaw Picture and Stats

Admin To-Do List

  • Rework the Main Page so it isn't so crowded, only include most pertinent info. Would like to turn the Patches section on the front page into a "News" section if possible
    • Moved this to admin list, since Dosko is seemingly not around much anymore.

Dosko's To-Do List

  • Nothing doing

404's To-Do List

  • Nothing doing

Ky's To-Do List

  • Finish Individual Stages Pages
    • Take panoramic pictures of all the stages
    • Add portal numbers after images have been added
    • Add natural tree spawns
  • Get Carnelia's and Kreetus's death sounds

Hororin's To-Do List

  • Flesh out basic pages (ex. Pets page, Weapons page).
  • Add utility templates like Spirit Orb Calculator and Experience Calculator
  • Optimize template HTML and CSS, change from inline styling to classes
  • Javascript Helmet Heroes utility? (will probably not happen)
  • Verify some pet stats (may have been changed, check pets like Quarbler)

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