Titanium Vulture
Titanium Vulture
Health 100000000
Defense 6500
Speed 8
Experience 600000xp
Worth $200000
Height 27.1 feet
Power 6250
Titanium Vulture

''The Titanium Vulture is a humongous bird made out of titanium metal. The titanium metal is twice the strength of steel and half the weight. This lightweight metal allows the bird to be light enough to take flight. Their wings are much like the wings of Bionic Birds and are made of several razor sections enabling them to cut enemies, inflicting major damage. Titanium Vultures only appear at Robo City on very rare occasions. When visitors to Robo City hear the sirens go off, those too weak to face the Titanium Vultures should take shelter. There are few strong enough to take on its great power''