The Hero Legion is an EXTREMELY exclusive group created by Andras. Only a few close friends are in it, and they all play an important role in any battle.


A small group of people, 4 to be exact, wanted a guild. Knowing the very high cost they needed money. They went to the beach to get items and had enough to make it. Andras put 16k in the pot, being generous. The other 4k was added by PST23. The guild was finally made and now it's in action!


Andras is a heavily armored warrior who focuses on training his POW stat to overcome defensive enemies of all kinds in battle. Although he does not have very high health, he can kill in seconds.

PST23 is an archer, training in range to get bow strength as well as dexterity for an extra strong critical hit. With the range, stronger enemies are a breeze even if they have high health.

TrollNinja3004 is a support mage, giving aid to the team by way of healing. It's true that is his main part, but he also can dish out good damage to enemies if he wants to.

Reec12 is a warrior with high health and defense so he can take hits for the team while he does good melee damage as well. He can survive constant attack from enemies.


As of yet the guild has no enemies or allies, but they still enjoy going to the GvG arena to show their skills every once in a while.

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