We Are The Deathless

The masters of helmet heroes have foretold Of a Legend forgotten and old Of black hearts so cold They would be more valuable than any price of gold

We are that legend. We are The Deathless

When the strongest of players run in fear When the legions of our warriors cry and cheer Wearing and using only the finest of weapons and gear At your demise it will take no seer

To see we are the strongest. We are The Deathless

To be brave enough to struggle through any fight To have the inner strength and pride to show you our might To defeat any enemy that is in our sight Yet still fight our dark sides and do only what is right

We are the noble paladins of light. We are The Deathless

To rush onward to victory in every single battle To slaughter all of our enemies just like cattle Riding our pets onward as we fight on like cavalry in a saddle For it is the bones of your allies and comrades we rattle

We are unbroken warriors without fear. We are The Deathless

On the wings of chicken suits we shall flap our wings and fly With the ability and courage to fight any being that might look us in the eye You know the carnage has begun as soon as you hear our cry Because after all, you cannot kill what cannot die

We are The Deathless. AND WE WILL NEVER DIE

Joining Requirements

  • You must be at least level 380 or above.
  • Our guild does have x3 guild money.
  • Contact SinisterPotatoe or spikyhusky10 if you have questions or if you would like to join.


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