Purple Tree Seed
This content is no longer ingame and was removed. It is retained for historical purposes. Please do not edit unless important information is missing.

Slot machines are gambling games located in Snowwy Flats.  There are two different machines available:

Coin Slot Machine

When you pay $1900, the machine gives you back either more or less money.

% Chance Prize
~49%* $0
~5%* $100
~8%* $200
~14%* $2000
~8%* $5000
~16%* $10000
  • experimental probability based on 63 trials: spent 119700, gained 144300

Projected probability based on 150 trials (0[76] - 100[10] - 200[18] - 2,000[17] - 5,000[19] - 10,000[10])

Average payout per spin: -368.75

% Chance Prize
~50.00% $0
~o6.25% $100
~12.50% $200
~12.50% $2000
~12.50% $5000
~06.25% $10000

Item Slot Machine

This more expensive slot machine costs $577,342 to play, and gives you a random item. The item machine has the capability of providing ANY item in the game (except for the letter given to the player during the "Give Cleveland His Letter" mission and the Bucket Helmet), including the Claw, which can only be obtained via the slot machine.

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