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Health 4200
Defense 160
Speed 5
Experience 114xp
Worth $38
Height 11.6 feet
Power 273

Unbelieveably powerful, the Sasquatch is the ultimate destroyer. Only the most legendary people on earth are able to take one down. Few people are able to go anywhere near one without risking serious injury or death. Sasquatches survive off of eating anything they can, plants or animal. An estimated 2,000 people a year are killed by them. Sasquatches are extremely dangerous and should be approached with EXTREME caution.



  • watermelon
  • diamond studded bow
  • eagle staff
  • hammer
  • mechanic wing bow
  • super hero shirt
  • book of power
  • magnesium boot
  • ice hammer
  • captains rapie
  • Santa Claus Hat ¹

¹ Only drops during the month of December

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