(#30) Robo City
File:Robo City.png
Enemies Block BotBionic BirdTitanium Vulture
NPCs Maxwell
Fish No Fish
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Robo City is a popular destination for players to visit. After trekking from Deep Dungeon entrance and a few robotic zones, the player will make it to the city. Players can visit the shop, or some of the local NPC's in their homes if they would like. There is an ATM and a Scanner that shows how many enemies they have killed, how many players they have killed in PVP (Danger PVP only), and how many kills their guild has in Guild PVP.


"Welcome to Robo City, home of the robos. In Robo City, electricity rules all. If you mess with the robos or their electricity, things could get ugly."

Maxwell will welcome the player to Robo City, warning him about messing with the Robos.


File:Robo City Map.png
  1. Robotic Structures
    1. Larry's House
    2. Viper's Shop
    3. Robo Lover's Home
  2. Light Highway

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