(#48) Petropolis
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NPCs Patrick
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Petropolis is part of a 2nd island, detached from the main world of Helmet Heroes. Upon arriving from Skymill, the NPC Tristan will be standing at the base of the tower, and will tell the player all he knows about pets, including that they can wear boots made for players. Patrick will reminisce about his time that he had a pet Tebra he used to ride. He will give the player the mission "Ride a Pet". The other NPCs, Samuel, Walter, and Vince all give the player important tips to remember when taking care of a pet. From here, the player can enter the Pet Building, and buy pets. They can also visit Ricardo's House and buy mid to high level gear. The Pet Helmet Shop is also in Petropolis, which the player can get special helmets for their pets, sometimes giving bonuses (such as luck, healing, and speed boosts). The player will encounter two new enemies here: Leaflets and Leaflings.



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