(#53) Pet Building lvl 1
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The Pet Building is where players can buy different types of pets. On the first floor, the player can find Tanner who sells basic starter pets for players who do not have much money. These pets generally are weaker and will have worse stat gains, but are good starter pets.



Pet Name Test Health Test Power Test Dexterity Test Defense Test Price Test Modes Test
Pet Tebra
16 4 4 2 $200000 Full Attack mode

Full power attack mode
Half loot half attack

Pet Marshy
23 6 1 3 $275000 Full power attack mode

Full attack mode
Full on defensive mode

Pet Baby Bounce
Baby Bounce
10 2 2 1 $150000 Full loot mode

Half loot half attack
25% pick up 75% attack

Pet Petri
14 2 4 1 $170000 Full loot mode

Half loot half attack
25% pick up 75% attack

Pet Gibler
26 6 2 3 $290000 Full on defensive mode

Full attack mode
Half coin pickup and 75% attack mode

Pet Fisky
17 4 7 2 $310000 Quick attack mode

Full loot mode
Increase luck mode

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