Full list of patches
Previous Patch: Patch 6.05 Next Patch: Patch 7.03
  • Freezing effect now applies to flying enemies
  • Fixed glitching of other players moving from left to right after dead if a directional key was held during time of death (bug fixed)
  • Bug fixed that allowed players to cancel attack frames by pressing down during attack animation (bug fixed)
  • Green mushrooms removed from forest area (confusing to players because they cannot be chopped)
  • Multi-attack incorrectly dealing the damage relative to the shield's power instead of the weapon's when used in PVP has been corrected (bug fixed)
  • Randomized PVP spawn points to prevent camping near portals and quick exits
  • Frozen enemies now have their walk animation stopped to make frozen effect appear more real
  • Fixed bug where players could still move and control their player while dead when using a controller (bug fixed)
  • Players can now block PMs from non-friends via the options menu
  • Pets can now dash when automatically and manually controlled
  • Spacebar presses are queued during rapid pressing of the spacebar, so missed attacks initiate after one is completed (makes attacks feel smoother/quicker)
  • Desync bug fixed where cowboys would incorrectly appear not shooting to others when spacebar was released then quickly pressed again while shooting
  • Fixed long running issue with hits not registering when you are facing away from large enemies (bug fixed)
  • Gravity has been reduced by 15%
  • Variable jump heights added. This means your jump height is now affected by the duration of your UP press, giving a more responsive feel to jumping
  • Optimized physics engine to use roughly 75% less processing power
  • Huge performance increase rendering grenade explosions. Approximately 8 times the amount of grenades can be generated before inducing lag
  • 6 new skills added as well as several minor and major tweaks to existing skills
  • Fixed bug that disabled controls when withdrawing a pet that was being manually controlled (bug fixed)
  • Changed started green areas and swamp forest area music
  • Friends menu incorrectly scrolling with 40 friends capacity when using mouse wheel (bug fixed)
  • Fixed right click mouse cursor sometimes showing up as a white box when hovering over other players (bug fixed)
  • Revamped pet AI so pets will appear to move smarter and less glitchy. Also fixed bug with pets attacking dead players in PVP
  • Pet basic attack has been changed to a new attack
  • 3 new hairstyles
  • 1 new payvault item (to change hair)
  • 1 new mission
  • 1 new cutscene
  • 5 new payvault accessories
  • Tree planting and seeds have been removed
  • Increased game dimensions by 100 pixels horizontally and 50 pixels vertically
  • Removed zoom options from the options menu
  • 50 to 70% increase in enemy lag performance (meaning roughly 50% more enemies can be rendered on screen before inducing lag)
  • Approximately a 35% increase in player rendering performance. This means about 30% more players can be rendered on a screen before inducing lag
  • Reduced chance of duplicate bullhorn messages showing up (bug fixed)
  • 4 new helmets
  • 4 new chest armor
  • 4 new leg armor
  • 4 new pet helmets
  • 1 new shield
  • 6 new weapons
  • 1 new enemy
  • 2 new areas
  • Patched ability to be revived, thus doing the walk when dead glitch by having a pet heal you after dying (bug fixed)
  • Modified/shortened time delay in between attacks
  • Guns have been rebalanced
  • Several anti-cheat implementations have been added, preventing health, MP, and a few other memory address edits

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