Full list of patches
Previous Patch: Patch 2.66 Next Patch: Patch 2.771
  • Anti-cheating change that prevents the use of saving stats/money that were hacked using memory address editors
  • New 1000$ increment button in trade menu
  • Small changes to profanity filter
  • Range weapons not displaying as charged to other players (bug fixed)
  • All guilds not being displayed on guild list (bug fixed)
  • Anti-cheating change that prevents packet editing for dropping items
  • Fully charged range weapons now shoot 3 arrows each at different trajectories
  • Percent of XP to next level is now displayed near XP bar
  • Several off-screen jump-able areas no longer able to jump off screen (bug fixed)
  • 7 new helmets (1 drop only)
  • 5 new chest armor
  • 5 new legs armor
  • 7 new weapons
  • 1 new shield 
  • 1 new shoe
  • 7 new areas
  • 2 new enemy types

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