Full list of patches
Previous Patch: Patch 2.54 Next Patch: Patch 2.59
  • Price of 60% resale Payvault item reduced
  • Girl skin showing up as zombie skin in friends menu and leaderboard (bug fixed)
  • Some spelling mistakes fixed
  • Standard eyes showing up in character menu for zombie skin (bug fixed)
  • XP from kills is now split according to amount of damage done by each attacker
  • Small bandwidth savings
  • More accurate money droppings - money should appear closer to the ground instead of hovering
  • User is alerted when signing in with incorrect capitalization of username instead of infinite loading loop
  • Raised right wall on sparring grounds to prevent off-screen jumping
  • Guilds list not displaying past 50 guilds (bug fixed)
  • Facebook button added to Heropedia menu
  • New item slot machine in Snowy Flats

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