(#4) Palm Forest
Palm Forest
Enemies Green Bouncer Purple Goo
NPCs Alfred
Fish No Fish
Stage Guide
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(#3) Tiki Flatts
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(5#) Coconut Stretch


Palm Forest is the third stage the player will visit. Here, the player will encounter a new enemy, the Purple Goo. The Purple Goo, while slightly stronger than the Green Bouncer, is still not a formidable opponent. Therefore, it is recommended to level in this area and gather a bit of money (around 2,500) before moving on to the next one.


Alfred welcomes you to Helmet Heroes and gives advice about fighting monsters and earning experience.

Jim Sanders is also in this stage, and asks you to give him a Sickle so that he can better fight Monsters (Missions).



Palm Forest's location in the map

  1. Green Peak
  2. Tiki Flatts
  3. Coconut Stretch

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