Gender Male
Location (#54) Pet Building Level 2
Service Shop
"Pets pets pets! You should always treat pets with love and respect. A pets base stats are indicative of stats throughout their life as they level up. This means, if one pet has a higher power than another, it is more likely to increase its power during a level up. Anyway, would you like to adopt some pets?"

Nicolas is a vendor who operates a shop on the 2nd floor of the Pet Building in Petropolis.

He sells 6 Stage 1 pets for the player to purchase.


Pet Name Test Health Test Power Test Dexterity Test Defense Test Price Test Modes Test
Pet Roblost
13 3 4 6 $305000 Full power attack mode

Full attack mode
Full on defensive mode

Pet Pumpman
12 2 2 4 $175000 Full on defensive mode

Full on defensive mode half attack mode
Full attack mode

Pet Chippy
19 3 4 2 $200000 Full attack mode

25% pick up 75% attack
Increase luck mode

Pet Thumper
15 3 5 2 $195000 Quick attack mode

Full loot mode
Half coin pickup and 75% attack mode

Pet Nooter
30 4 4 3 $362500 Full attack mode

Booster mode
Increase player dex mode

Pet Gobloid
11 2 6 1 $180000 Full power attack mode

Increase luck mode
Full attack mode

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