(#13) Mushroom Village
File:Mushroom Village.png
Enemies Mushroom Ball
NPCs Andrew
Fish No Fish
Stage Guide
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Mushroom Village is a bustling town that is populated by many NPCs and is a common stopping point for players. A mostly peaceful town, there are a few enemies on the East-most part of town, towards Shroom Passage. Standing at the entrance to town, Andrew welcomes players to Mushroom Village, informing them that there are weapon and armor shops, food, hotels, and even pretty girls! Brody stands above Mushroom Village on a platform leading to Shane Shield's House. Speaking to him will give the player the mission "Get Brody A Garbage Can Lid", in which the player must buy or pick up a Garbage Can Lid and give it to him for protection. Another NPC, Cleveland, loves Mushroom Village, and is good friends with Arny who is in Tropical Beach. The player can give Arny's letter to Cleveland to complete the mission "Give Cleveland His Letter". Drew a self-proclaimed "cool person" likes to stand in the sun right outside Carter's Coconuts. And finally, a hungry NPC named Hambone will ask the player for 6 apples. If done, it will complete the "Get Hambone Apples" mission.

Players can visit Carter's Coconuts for weapons and armor, and visit the Mushroom Village Hotel to restore their HP and MP. The Mushroom Library is a place that player's can buy books to help increase their abilities and skills. The Guild House is another building that players can join guilds and work together to battle the monsters of Helmet Heroes.


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