Mithril Helmet
Mithril Helmet
Required Level 370
Defense 230
Sold By Jerry
Shop Price Coin5,600,000
Items Needed • 2 Blue Mushroom Cube
• 6 Robot Bar
Sell for Coin1,959,999

Made from one of the world's most precious and rare metals. It can withstand the weight of 3 Proteum stacked on it without breaking.

Crafting Recipe

Mithril Helmet
Mithril Helmet
Crafting cost: 5,600,000Coin
Blue Mushroom Cube Blue Mushroom Cube x1
Willow Wood Willow Wood x3
Robot Bar Robot Bar x4
Thorn Wood Thorn Wood x4
Iron Minnow Iron Minnow x4
Shiny Metal Guppy Shiny Metal Guppy x2

Dropped By

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