Ride A Pet
Ride A Pet
Release Date December 18, 2013
Quest Giver Patrick
Location Start Petropolis
Location End Petropolis
Items Needed? No
Xp Reward 1000 XP
Additional Rewards? No

Ride A Pet is the eighteenth mission the player receives.

Mission Details: Use a pet as a mount and ride it. Cheer Patrick up and show him you are riding one.


There are 7 pets that are mountable in their 3rd form:

  • Tebra (3rd form: Tebrumpt)
  • Gibler (3rd form: Gobakhan)
  • Fisky (3rd form: Fritterz)
  • Thumper (3rd form: Rabeeto)
  • Nooter (3rd form: Narito)
  • Bunyan (3rd form: Frinshaw)
  • Quackster (3rd form: Quarbler)

Note: pets must be in their 3rd form (level 60 without Payvault item Evolution Crystals) to be mountable.

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