Find The Cult's Hideout
Find The Cult's Hideout
Release Date Unknown
Quest Giver Mizon
Location Start Heath's Training Ground
Location End Haunted Woods
Items Needed? No
Xp Reward 500 XP
Additional Rewards? No

Find The Cult's Hideout is the 2nd mission given to players.

Mission Details: Find out where the cult's hideout is. Mizon said it was far away from him.



  1. Head to Palm Forest
  2. Head to Mushroom Alley
  3. Head to Mush Front
  4. Head to Tropical Beach
  5. Head to Haunted Woods
  6. Talk to Mystic

Path 1:

  1. From Mystic, head to the right, and drop down off the grassy platform, and head left to the portal that leads to Palm Forest.
  2. Head right, down the hill, until you reach 2 small hills. Use the wooden platforms to climb up the small hills.
  3. Ride the vertical-moving platform up to the grassy platform and enter the portal that leads to Mushroom Alley.
  4. Head left and through the small gap that is below Ben, and enter the portal to the left that leads to Mush Front.
  5. Head right, all the way to the end of the stage, and enter the portal that leads to Tropical Beach.
  6. Follow the path to the right until you find a small set of hills that the NPC Arny is standing on.
  7. Enter the portal on the left-most hill that leads to Haunted Woods.
  8. Head to the right until you reach the first vertical-moving platform. (If you pass Keith, you've gone too far).
  9. Ride the moving platform up, and at the top, find Mystic and speak to him to complete the mission.

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