Collect 7 Pets
Collect 7 Pets
Release Date December 18, 2013
Quest Giver Wilson
Location Start Elandra Island
Location End Elandra Island
Items Needed? Yes (Payvault Pet Capacity Upgrade: 195 tickets)
Xp Reward 1800 XP
Additional Rewards? No

Collect 7 Pets is the seventeenth mission the player receives.

Mission Details: Complete Wilson's triple dog dare and own 7 pets. Have 7 pets on you at once to finish.


In order to complete this mission, you must have bought the Payvault item: "+4 Pet Capacity" for 195 tickets. Tickets can be acquired by paying real life currency or purchasing tickets from vendors for in-game currency at the Mushroom Trading District.

Once you have the pet capacity upgrade from Payvault, buy a total of at least 7 pets from the Pet Building in Petropolis. Talk to Wilson with at least 7 pets in your party to complete the mission.

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