Gender Male
Location (#54) Pet Building Level 2
Service Shop
"A pet is a man's best friend. Each pet has 3 different modes available to choose from. Choose the mode that best fits your playing style. During their 3rd form, some pets can even be ridden. Would you like to give one of our precious pets a new home?"

Butch is a vendor who operates a shop on the 2nd floor of the Pet Building in Petropolis.

He sells 5 Stage 1 pets for the player to purchase.


Pet Name Test Health Test Power Test Dexterity Test Defense Test Price Test Modes Test
Pet Ritardo
28 7 1 3 $280000 Full extreme power attack mode

Full power attack mode
Full attack mode

Pet Ozich
14 7 5 2 $300000 Increase player dex mode

Quick attack mode
Full attack mode

Pet Topper
18 3 3 2 $187500 Full attack mode

Booster mode
Half defensive mode half attack mode

Pet Bunyan
15 6 2 5 $275000 Full on defensive mode

Half defensive mode half attack mode
Booster mode

Pet Quackster
19 2 4 1 $180000 Increase player dex mode

half coin pickup and 75% attack mode
Increase luck mode

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