Health 500,000
Defense 850
Speed 10.4
Experience 1635xp
Worth $545
Height 34.7 feet
Power 3,300

Magmagon, the king of the dragons. It lives in lava fields and is thought to be an inbred monster that has become partially infused with its environment. Because of this, it has volcano lava running through its veins. Magmagons do not have a heart. Instead, their bodies are powered by a red emerald on their chest, emitting a magical energy that allows their body to sustain life. Despite the emerald being exposed, it is extremely hard, making it nearly indestructible. It is said that a magmagon can crush a repguana with less than four attacks. Although it is equipped with wings, due to their massive size and weight, they are only able to get a few feet off the ground.



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