(#60) Kreetus's Lair
File:Kreetus's Lair.png
Enemies Night Stalker
Fish Dark Tadpole
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The lair of the mighty beast, Kreetus, this place is full of darkness as you step into it. Hungry, drooling Night Stalkers scamper the place as they stroll around the place as if they own it, looking for a Helmet Hero to make dinner out of. The Dark Coin boxes, which surround the area, makes the place look like if it's a trap. As the hovering platform, which takes you to your darkest nightmares, laser cannons, with the tentacles of an unfortunate Beholder, supposedly ripped off by the Kreetus, and the cap of a reluctant Blue Bouncer which was eaten by the Kreetus, fire glowing blue light. The legendary beast, Kreetus, stands waiting, absorbing coin boxes as the lasers begin to heal the monster of nightmares.

Kreetus' Liar features many coin boxes for a reason. Unlike other nondescript coin boxes, these drop 3 coins, then spin. This is not a glitch, it is the way to open up the Kreetus' hard shell and let a Helmet Hero blast, strike, snipe, and fire all they've got into the Kreetus' weak point.

The second feature, which is possibly one of the most frustrating in the game, are the Mushroom lasers. Generally, they don't seem to harm, but in truth, these do damage to Heroes and heal the mighty beast. The only way of disposing these vicious lasers, is to either stand on the moving platform, and attack. This technique isn't one of the best, as the player tends to fall down and possibly touch one of the lasers and die. The player can stand on the small ledge to the right of the spikes, which gives a bit of safety.


Bugs & Errors

  • It is known that the area sometimes does not spawn Night Stalkers for a reason though, this is only a glitch as only one server only contains the spawns. Alternation between the servers is a good idea if you wish to farm there.

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