Jim Sanders
Jim Sanders
Gender Male
Location (#2) Palm Forest
Mission Get Jim Sanders Some Gear

"Hey, gingers DO have souls! ...And sickles."
―Jim Sanders
 Jim Sanders is a young man at High Greens. He offers the player the mission "Get Jim Sanders Some Gear".

Jim Sanders tells the player that he wishes he had a Sickle, so that people would fear him and take him seriously, prompting the mission "Get Jim Sanders Some Gear". Once the player provides Jim with a sickle, Jim thanks the player and says that the world will fear him.

Unlike the similar mission "Get Brody A Garbage Can Lid" where the player must get an item for an NPC, Jim Sanders cannot be seen wielding the sickle once the mission is completed, whereas Brody can be seen wielding a Garbage Can Lid once his mission is completed.

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