Isaac Sr
Gender Male
Location (#141) Isaac's Equipment Shop
Service Shop

"I tell you what boy, it sure is a nasty world out here. Krakens and acid are enough to drive you crazy. You better be 
equipped with the best gear there is if you want to survive. Perhaps I could interest you in some?"
―Isaac Sr
Isaac Sr is an NPC located in Isaac's Equipment Shop , who sells high end items.


Magma Helmet
Magma Helmet
Crafting cost: 35,000,000Coin
Lava Reef Fish Lava Reef Fish x4
Lava Spud Lava Spud x4
Colored Wood Colored Wood x2

Magma Armor
Magma Armor
Crafting cost: 31,000,000Coin
75x75px Shiny Lava Reef Fish x1
75x75px Shiny Lava Spud x1

Magma Legs
Magma Legs
Crafting cost: 28,500,000Coin
Lava Reef Fish Lava Reef Fish x2
Lava Spud Lava Spud x2
Thorn Tree Log Thorn Tree Log x2
Stacked Wood Stacked Wood x2

Millennium Helmet
Millennium Helmet
Crafting cost: 32,000,000Coin
Shiny Greenspot Shiny Greenspot x2
Peep Fish Peep Fish x2
Palm Tree Wood Palm Tree Wood x1
Robot Bar Robot Bar x1

Millennium Armor
Millennium Armor
Crafting cost: 30,000,000Coin
Shiny Clipper Shiny Clipper x1
Clipper Clipper x4
Palm Tree Wood Palm Tree Wood x3

Millennium Legs
Millennium Legs
Crafting cost: 27,800,000Coin
Clipper Clipper x6
Palm Tree Wood Palm Tree Wood x5

Winged Skull Helmet
Winged Skull Helmet
Crafting cost: 33,000,000Coin
Shiny Pootnick Shiny Pootnick x1
Ice Fish Ice Fish x3
Blue Mushroom Cube Blue Mushroom Cube x2
Snow Covered Wood Snow Covered Wood x1

Corruption Helmet
Corruption Helmet
Crafting cost: 31,000,000Coin
Omate Omate x1
Mud Fish Mud Fish x2
Pumpkin Shell Fish Pumpkin Shell Fish x1
Root Fish Root Fish x2
Pine Block Pine Block x3

Empowered Staff
Empowered Staff
Crafting cost: 37,800,000Coin
Shiny Ice Fish Shiny Ice Fish x1
Robot Bar Robot Bar x7