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This content is no longer ingame and was removed with Patch 7.81. It is retained for historical purposes. Please do not edit unless important information is missing.

(#37) Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
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The Hall of Fame is a building located in Mushroom Alley that houses the records for the best players and guilds in Helmet Heroes. Inside, players will find a billboard that has the top 5 players (by level), another billboard displaying the top 3 pets (by level), 4 posters displaying the #1 warrior/archer/wizard/cowboy, 3 golden statues showing the players with the "Most HP", "Most MP", and "Most Kills", and finally another billboard displaying the top 5 guilds (by total levels). The NPC R.J. explains how to be featured in the Hall of Fame. It has been temporarily removed as of 7.81 and is planned to make its return in future updates with revamped features.