Green Bouncer
Green Bouncer
Health 18
Defense 2
Speed 3.2 Mph
Experience 6xp
Worth $2
Height 2.6 feet
Power 6
Green Bouncer

"The Green Bouncer has killed every Helmet-Heroes user off one by one, no matter what you do you will die. Coke is currently looking for a patch but is dying to this creature and is becoming frustrated as the Green Bouncer also took his money out of his ATM. Stay away from these if possible."

The Green Bouncer is the weakest creature known to man. They survive off plant leaves and can travel from place to place simply by bouncing. Although they sometimes travel in packs, they pose a very low threat to humans. Because of their small size, (the) life epectancy for the Green Bouncer is usually no more than a few months before it is killed by a stronger creature.



The Green Bouncer has a Luck Rating of 0.036 / 0.0621