Covered in leaves and thorns, it deals a devastating blow to the enemies.

Ghillie Bow
Ghillie Bow
Required Level 495
Damage 330 - 378
Reach 100 feet
Two-Handed Yes
Sold By Hamlet
Store Price Coin 17,000,000
Items Needed • 8 Sliver
• 2 Plant Fungus
• 1 Coconut Fish
• 1 Plant Bacteria
• 1 Clipper
Sell for Coin 5,950,000

Crafting Recipe

Ghillie Bow
Ghillie Bow
Crafting cost: 17,000,000Coin
Sliver Sliver x8
Plant Fungus Plant Fungus x9
Coconut Fish Coconut Fish x1
Plant Bacteria Plant Bacteria x1
Clipper Clipper x1

Dropped By

Currently not dropped by any monsters