Frozen Mithril Axe
Frozen Mithril Axe
Required Level 375
Damage 275 - 320
Reach 4.7 feet
Two-Handed Yes
Special Ice Damage +45
Sold By Scott
Store Price Coin 6,400,000
Items Needed • 6 Snow Covered Wood
• 2 Robot Bar
• 5 Snow Fish
• 2 Ice Fish
Sell for Coin 2,240,000

An absolute beast of an axe. It is very heavy, often giving frostbite to those who try to wield it, yet aren't powerful enough.

Crafting Recipe

Frozen Mithril Axe
Frozen Mithril Axe
Crafting cost: 6,400,000Coin
Snow Covered Wood Snow Covered Wood x6
Robot Bar Robot Bar x2
Snow Fish Snow Fish x5
Ice Fish Ice Fish x2
Shiny Ice Fish Shiny Ice Fish x2

Dropped By