The following page contains everything related to fishing in the world of Helmet Heroes.

How To Fish


Acquiring A Fishing Pole:

  1. Go to the Mushroom Train Station.
    1. If you have Teleport, go to Fishing Fort and skip to Step 4.
  2. Follow the Portal from Mushroom Train Station on the far right side of the map, submerged in water.
  3. Follow the Train Tracks until you reach Aqualantis.
  4. Go to the Fishing Fort.
  5. Buy a Fishing Pole from Milton for $700.

Or, for an alternate method;

  1. Kill Fishurns to gain a Fishing Pole

Catching A Fish:

  1. Find a body of water with fish
  2. Press and hold the 'C' key to drop the bait into the water
    1. If you want the bait to stop at any time on its descent, tap the Space bar.
  3. When a fish has been attracted to your bait, wait until the signal to release the 'C' key.
    1. The signal includes: Sound of a bite, the bait disappearing, and a ! appearing over your head.

Version 9.10 - By other words press C and hold, press space bar one time and wait for fish to bite it, stop holding key C when bait of fishing rod disapear. you have to release C very fast or fish run away. dont listen the sound and dont look to the "!" over your head. focus on the bait.

Fishing Proficiency

In Patch 5.6, Proficiencies were added to each player. The first of these was Fishing Proficiency. Every fish is worth a certain amount of "Fishing XP", which goes towards the Fishing Proficiency.

Prior to Patch 5.65, fish required a minimum level to be caught. As the Fishing Proficiency level was increased, the player could catch a larger variety of fish. After 5.65, the required minimum level was removed, and all fish could be caught by any player at any proficiency level.

Each level of Fishing Proficiency gives you an extra millisecond to catch a fish when it bites.


Fish spawn in bodies of water across the map. Each biome type (robot, wastelands, ect) has its own species of fish. A newly loaded stage has no fish, but over time fish will appear in the lakes, up to a maximum of 15 at any one time.

Shiny fish are exceptionally rare variants of normal fish. They have a 1 in 550 chance of spawning instead of a normal fish. Shiny fish have a different color palette and sparkle every few seconds.

Shiny fish can also appear by droping fish of your inventory to water. chance is small but works.

Note: All Shiny fish are worth 10x as much as a normal fish. Hover over each image to see the shiny version.

Fish Name Test Minimum Level Test HealsTest Fishing XPTest Occurrence Test Shiny Test Worth Test price/Sell Test

Sliver Sliver

0 448 HP 4 Common +1 Range 102Coin 36Coin

Puffer Puffer

0 476 HP 6 Common +1 Power 172Coin 60Coin

Swerm Swerm

0 455 HP 4 Common +1 Artillery 110Coin 39Coin

Shroomer Shroomer

0 430 HP 5 Common +1 Magic 108Coin 38Coin

Mufungi Mufungi

0 387 HP 8 Common +1 Magic 260Coin 91Coin

Mushroom Coy Mushroom Coy

Mushroom Coy
0 587 HP 19 Rare +3 Magic
+1 Artillery
742Coin 260Coin

Shroom Serpent Shroom Serpent

Shroom Serpent
0 592 HP 19 Rare +2 Magic 727Coin 254Coin

Furry Feen Furry Feen

Furry Feen
0 493 HP 5 Common +1 Artillery 152Coin 53Coin

Hairloom Hairloom

0 518 HP 9 Common +1 Artillery 285Coin 100Coin

Hertle Hertle

0 523 HP 12 Uncommon +1 Artillery 405Coin 142Coin

Plant Fungus Plant Fungus

Plant Fungus
0 511 HP 11 Uncommon +1 Range 360Coin 126Coin

Lion Fish Lion Fish

Lion Fish
0 616 HP 21 Rare +2 Artillery 828Coin 290Coin

Stagnant Scum Stagnant Scum

Stagnant Scum
0 607 HP 19 Rare +1 Range 767Coin 268Coin

Spud Spud

0 448 HP 4 Common +1 Power 102Coin 36Coin

Flipper Flipper

0 490 HP 7 Common +1 Power 207Coin 72Coin

Coconut Fish Coconut Fish

Coconut Fish
0 545 HP 15 Uncommon +1 Artillery 522Coin 183Coin

Pumpkin Shell Fish Pumpkin Shell Fish

Pumpkin Shell Fish
0 532 HP 8 Common +1 Power 272Coin 95Coin

Pumphin Pumphin

0 553 HP 14 Uncommon +2 Power 500Coin 175Coin

Clipper Clipper

0 455 HP 4 Common +1 Range 110Coin 39Coin

Pootnick Pootnick

0 511 HP 6 Common +1 Artillery 188Coin 66Coin

Root Fish Root Fish

Root Fish
0 587 HP 14 Uncommon +1 Artillery 533Coin 187Coin

Mud Fish Mud Fish

Mud Fish
0 500 HP 6 Common +1 Artillery 192Coin 67Coin

Glopper Glopper

0 514 HP 8 Common +1 Artillery 262Coin 92Coin

Plant Bacteria Plant Bacteria

Plant Bacteria
0 517 HP 10 Common +1 Range 191Coin 67Coin

Omate Omate

0 596 HP 18 Uncommon +1 Artillery
+1 Range
702Coin 246Coin

Greenspot Greenspot

0 599 HP 20 Rare +2 Range 765Coin 268Coin

Snow Fish Snow Fish

Snow Fish
0 524 HP 8 Common +1 Magic 260Coin 91Coin

Ice Fish Ice Fish

Ice Fish
0 562 HP 13 Uncommon +1 Magic 490Coin 172Coin

Metal Guppy Metal Guppy

Metal Guppy
0 538 HP 6 Common +1 Power 200Coin 70Coin

Iron Minnow Iron Minnow

Iron Minnow
0 541 HP 9 Common +1 Power 307Coin 107Coin

Peep Fish Peep Fish

Peep Fish
0 517 HP 7 Common +1 Power 212Coin 74Coin

Sharktooth Sharktooth

0 605 HP 20 Rare +2 Power 778Coin 272Coin

Glowshine Glowshine

0 602 HP 20 Rare +1 Power
+1 Magic
777Coin 272Coin

Subordinate Subordinate

0 683 HP 25 Rare +3 Power
+1 Magic
1072Coin 375Coin

Dark Tadpole Dark Tadpole

Dark Tadpole
0 551 HP 6 Common +1 Power 215Coin 75Coin

Evil Pupe Evil Pupe

Evil Pupe
0 583 HP 13 Common +1 Power

+1 Magic

475Coin 166Coin

Dark Toad Dark Toad

Dark Toad
0 572 HP 11 Common +1 Power 405Coin 142Coin

Dark Reaper Dark Reaper

Dark Reaper
0 658 HP 24 Rare +2 Power
+2 Magic
982Coin 344Coin

Lava Spud Lava Spud

Lava Spud
0 505 HP 6 Common +1 Power 268Coin 94Coin

Lava Reef Fish Lava Reef Fish

Lava Reef Fish
0 437 HP 6 Common +1 Power 268Coin 94Coin

Flame Coy Flame Coy

Flame Coy
0 400 HP 8 Uncommon +2 Power 372Coin 130Coin

Beholder Guppy Beholder Guppy

Beholder Guppy
0 467 HP 11 Uncommon +1 Power 539Coin 189Coin

Krimper Krimper

0 542 HP 16 Rare +2 Power 786Coin 275Coin

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