(#12) Fairyville
Enemies Yellow Hairy Monster
NPCs Scarlet
Fish No Fish
Stage Guide
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(#11) Sugarcane Slopes
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(#13) Lollipop Flatts


Fairyville is a very popular town for new players. Though considered a weird place, players are likely to stand about and talk, while perusing Snoop's Shop for gear and healing. Players can also enter the Anderson Family Home and get an idea of what fighting style is right for them.


An NPC named Scarlet stands outside Snoop's Shop, and wants the player to get her a Hockey Mask so she can scare her friends. Upon hearing this, the player will receive the mission "Get Scarlet A Hockey Mask".


  1. Candy Lane
    1. Snoop's Shop
    2. Anderson Family Home
    3. Wayne's Home
  2. Lollipop Flatts

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