We are the cruel, merciless faction, the dark side of Helmet Heroes. We do not attempt to hide our diabolical deeds from the light of day, instead we flaunt it, deliberately rubbing it in your faces.

Even our name is pure evil itself! The boldly capitalized letters that shamelessly capture attention, the mesmerizing message that beguiles the players...

Our Despicable Deeds

  • We corrupt newbies.
  • We pretend to be newbies and beg for money.
  • We hoard money and refuse to donate to charity.
  • We lie about actually giving you cookies.
  • We run around being mean.
  • We parasite off of society.

Requirements to Join Us

  1. No Level Requirements.
  2. Active weekly.
  3. Ability to censor cuss words.
  4. Able to share equipment and hoard money.
  5. Tenacity to life, money, or both.
  6. Friendliness: Enough to say "Hello!" to your fellow guild members under the co​mmon flag. Remember to include the exclamation point!

If you fit the description, please head to Mushroom Village and join FREE COOKIES.

(It would be preferable if you are a high-level player that wishes to be exploited.)  (Or a newbie that is easy to take advantage of.)

We also do guild suicide events were we explore strong areas. Contact virtualcookie if you have any questions, complaints, or annoying stuff in general.

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