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Experience points (XP) are units of measurement for your level.  You gain experience when you deliver the killing blow upon a monster.  Once you fill up the XP bar, you increase a level, your experience goes down to the amount the monster just gave, and the amount of XP you need to gain another level increases.

The formula is 50L + 1.1L^2, with L being your level!

For finding out total XP needed to get a level, you could either use summation or this slightly less accurate formula: (1/6)x(x+1)[1.1(2x+1)+150] or try 1/6*(Level-1)*(Level)*(1.1*(2*Level-1)+150)-(Level-1)/2+Level/20

Level XP to Gain Level Total XP Needed to Reach This Level*
1 51 0
2 104 51
3 159 155
4 217 314
5 277 531
10 610 2559
25 1937 20379
50 5250 105695
75 9937 290,324
100 16,000 608,640
150 32,250 1,783,835
200 54,000 3,906,280
250 81,250 7,250,975
9001 89,569,851 269,369,772,600
  • You will actually need less XP than this, due to glitches about how XP is counted when gaining levels

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