Corruption Helmet
Corruption Helmet
Required Level 748
Defense 320
Power +12
Artillery +160
Sold By Isaac Sr
Shop Price Coin 31,000,000
Items Needed • 1 Omate

• 2 Mud Fish
• 1 Pumpkin Shell Fish
• 2 Root Fish
• 3 Pine Block

Sell for Coin 10,850,000

It's material is that of an ancient decent, said to be the strongest material in existence at one point in time.

Crafting Recipe

Corruption Helmet
Corruption Helmet
Crafting cost: 31,000,000Coin
Pine Block Pine Block x3
Root Fish Root Fish x2
Pumpkin Shell Fish Pumpkin Shell Fish x1
Mud Fish Mud Fish x2
Omate Omate x1